About Cherilyn

I’m just a gal who likes all things makeup, the outdoors, photography, travel, current events, food and fitness. Profile Pic

I am addicted to YouTube beauty influencer videos. I probably watch more makeup tutorials/reviews on YouTube than I watch shows on television.  Tati is one of my favorites.

I like buying new beauty products and sharing my thoughts with others. I am in no way a professional,  I am I’m not trying to be a beauty guru or a beauty influencer.  I am an average 45 year old gal with wrinkles, and normal to dry skin, wanting to share products I have tried, techniques I have learned, conquered, and failed.

My reviews are for products that I have purchased, unless otherwise stated. 

I am a regular participant in meal prepping, and looking for ways to keep fit.  I’m not that fit but I’m not that fat.

I drive a Jeep, and often go off-roading with friends around town, as well as participating in out of town events.  I kayak the back bays of the Gulf, and sometimes dedicate entire days in parks, preserves and marshes with my camera photographing wildlife.

I have an interesting job as a Designated Player in a poker room. In short, I sit at a poker table and provide the winnings, collect the losses, and ensure the game is paid out correctly.  It’s a fun job, there isn’t any drama, no reports to do, nothing to take home, stress-free, and I come in contact with some of the strangest characters ever.  Maybe I’ll share some stories of some of my favorite players.

Welcome! ❤

For business inquiries, questions, or products you’d like me to review,  I can be contacted at cherilyndoes@gmail.com or via my blog’s Contact page.